Friday, September 13, 2013

Goa Road Trip: One Ford Ikon and Four Days

Well there was no doubt as to what is the best way I could spend a long weekend of 4 days  in India. Goa. Having set the budget right, a car ready serviced, 15hrs drive across B'lore to Goa from Chennai was the only thing I thought of at least for the week before the trip.

"It was not about the destination, neither was it about the journey, I was more like can I make it or not, I needed no better reason as there was only one way to find it out."

The night before the trip I had rushed out of my house because I had realized that I dint have any stickers on my car, important indeed, hence stuck a "Why so serious?" with splash of joker on it. Well the next day bags packed, set to office waiting for 7 to come. 7 is when we leave. 9 was when we left. Nightlong drive pretty much lame. With the dawn the drive became what we were looking for, wind, mountains, green things that you dont see in cities and yeah empty roads, 6 lanes. Lunch was when we breath the air of Goa. South Goa Palolem was the first stop apart form the tolls and some really funny cops on border who charge 50 bucks per vehicle no matter what. So we reach Calangaut and get a shady shack well some place I stayed when i went 4 yrs back. Night was just free random roaming Titos lane and lotta sleep. Day started early with beach walks not the some one gave fks about but beach was right out of the shack and a two wheeler waiting for us to ride.

"It was all going good because we followed the plan, but the best part was we had no plan" 

Breakfast was mere customary in nature, the morning was already written for Agoda fort, so we took more photos than views we grasped and scenes we sighed.Then excitement toiled us and lured us that Saturday noon to driving all the way to Arambol Beach. A ride worth remembering before you sleep any given day, that beautiful. So we saw a localite with two school girls uniformed in back of his bike, must be returning from school. Later we saw a Causasian women driving by with her son in front in a bike, probably on vacation. So we took no turns, no deviations kept moving it was at least 5 minutes later when the guy with me in the bike pointing out to the bike in front said "Whats with the bikes in goa with one guy and 2 uniformed girls in back", me staring at him as he passed by wondering if he was the same guy I saw some
time back. I had that shit confirmed when I saw the Causasian mother crossing us again. Thats when I got the bike stopped and jumped out like WTF just happened. Since we all were sober what happened was paranormal or may be there was a change in the matrix. There was only one way I could keep my calm now, stop looking at the people or passerby. Arambol was a beauty, so was the sweet water  lake near by and so was the view from the small hillock far away people watch but never climb. But the climb was trippy. And the climb was trippy. But the view, I tell you is worth remembering every time you wake up. The rest of the evening was not worth being mentioned it was pretty much accounting and checking where we stood. Then the Night was on Curlies.

"Curlies is the best place for parties on a Monsoon Goa. I'd call it best for it was the only one reserving the definition of  a party for a Goa's Saturday night"

The next was a calm Sunday, so we had to goto Chapra fort. This time even more photos clicked. So we planned to walk by the hill past the fort which flows down into the sea. A great place to retreat but not in a hot sun when you haven't even drunk a drop of water since morning but had 2 coffees. Click! Well now that we had seen the Vagator bech from a very beautiful view point. We knew thats where we would jump into before lunch. Yea that happened. But lunch? Well there was a vadapaw shop which also sold pakodas and tea. The water they had was cold. Well why wait till be drive to the city for lunch.

"When you back to the room you could do something important like, leave again"

The night was more of, in the room packing stuff, for we had to leave the next day early morning. Morning 6 we push filling the car with the cheap Goa petrol. Breakfast as soon as we drove past goa borders. Well often when trips like this end its hysterically heart breaking but then we were more worried about reaching to some legendary restaurant near Ambur called "Star Briyani" before it closed. Then eventually got back home. Home was not where I head to, but home is where we all come back. The most important thing one should note, one who was part of the trip specially, myself doubtlessly that,

"There are times when you dont know what you want to do, There are times when you dont want to know what you want to do and There are times when you have nothing to do. Its important to know the difference of the three situations but to act in all the same way. Drive though time."

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