Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Will half of Andhra Mess rename to "Telengana Mess" ??

Intro and Built Up
1000 suicides(theoretically yes, but mostly murdered), 100s of school/collage days ruined, lots of people fasting, lots beaten by cops and paramilitary. Dint pull much of India attention who were rejoicing Sunny wearing dress and Ponaam getting rid of it, but yes they did pulled some right strings in the center and now here we have the binary fission of Andhra Pradesh into two daughter states Telengana and Andhra Pradesh(Jr). Not we are still left with the big doubt.

The Big Doubt
Will half of Andhra Mess rename to "Telengana Mess" ?? Well this definitely is not a literal question. The point here being:

Will this bring about difference in culture?
Will this create a distance between the Telugu Speakers?
Will there be a fight for resources and  power ?
Will the people try to un-belong the current oneness to a new state of self representation?

In simpler words is this partition going to be good or is it going to suck out ?

The Binary Fission of States
This is not the first splitting of state and thank to the UPA and her puppets this will trigger a chain reaction and every state will want to split, who knows even Union territories might want to split.

Well the purpose stated on papers was that funds are not allocated to Telengana region. What does that even mean, Do they have weak leaders or do they dont have enough resources govt wanted to encap OR IS IT THAT SOME ONE THOUGHT THAT AP NEVER HAD A CM FROM THEIR VILLAGE/TOWN SO THEY WANTED A NEW STATE AND HAVE THEIR OWN CMs.

Splitting up of state would be acceptable is it were due to resource allocation or lack of Administration due to excess of  size or what ever, but bullshit is bullshit and this is India.

Purpose solved ? 
We have seen states splitting up with agenda and purpose before but were the purpose solved, oh wait were their even any real purpose ? Well does this split really have a purpose ?To this UPA would be like "YES Purpose solved, Phase one complete". But then the question remains unanswered.

Now that we have Two States, I just hope that it doesnt suck bad like the book.


Anonymous said...

Nicely written :) super humour..and the answer is always- wait and watch. Patience in life, man ! :P

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Swamynathan Hariharan said...

oh we can remove captcha :O

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