Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summing up life Until now

I have been through many phases in my life
in different cities and to best explain them
I could sum them up in to three points to
the best of my memory of things I did or that
I liked or things that influenced me,

They go like this:

First School and Before that (Mumbai):
- Roaming and wondering aimlessly
- Lotta Bombay/Mumbai swear/cus words
- Bollywood music

Middle School Life Pt. 1 (Kolkatta):
- Food, Sweets, Food, Sweets and more Food.
- Arts ( Painting, Music, Creative Writing)
- Ultadanga colony( Durga puja, Friends group, community meets)

Middle School Life Pt. 2 (Patna):
- Understanding the real meaning of diversity
- Learned the importance of breaking rules
- Importance of Indian history, Archaeology the real PATLIPUTHRA

High School(Chennai):
- Hate towards formal education, look for something beyond it, the importance of being well read and well in formed
- The real love for Programming begins, "The GEEK Code begins"
- Learned the truths behind society and stopped giving fucks forever

- Music, Wattabottles, events , shows, recordings studios and some bloody weight loss for that !
- Free and open source software, the movement, the conferences and the million dollar legal class bunks
- First every worried/paranoid about the future and hence a lotta bad hasty decisions

Post Graduation(Outskirts of Chennai):
- Learned the Disadvantages and the awesome awesome Advantages of living alone.
- Started to realize making hasty decision suck real hard, and to never never never take opinions. Its always better to make our own mistakes.
- Importance putting knowledge into action and how just thinking and noting ideas never help anybody.

Job Pt. 1 (Chennai):
- Click Click Click, Hog Hog Hog, Click Click Click, Hog Hog Hog Damn im fking fat again.
- Wonder dafuq am i doing in this city for such a long time ????????????
- That one random hot chick in a far away table in canteen, dosent matter who :P :P :P

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