Monday, April 8, 2013

Life reloaded

Not that I care, neither do you but then "I;ve been fine", hope the same for you. Well its been a long time I wrote a blog so expect more spelling and grammar errors. Well now that a mangosum summer has begin and still TNEB cuts powers two hours a day, I have enough reason to act crazy and blame it on the heat :P OH wait what the hell I have a job now, the stupid society would suddenly expect me to act sane like "Dude you got a job man, you cant goto your terrace just wearing a boxers" // D'oh// Well now that I have been associated well enough with two different industries par se a lil bit in Indian IT and a lil bit in Music industry, I otice that few terms have totally different meaning in the two industry :


In Music: It means electronically  arranging, sequencing, producing the sound/music/instruments outputs and processing them into complete into complete instrumentals. Its a process of converting a composition into compleate track by fitting in the right tones of instruments samples and effects too some times.

In IT : As plain as it sounds writing codes, some times form our own some times from google, rarely when google is stuck, from bing/yahoo or from older codes. The most important thing is to make sure you get the output when tested.


In music: Its about the voice and tone continuum, the better you got breath control the more bang bang you go. Also your delivery help you do better in concerts unless your carrying the track backstage played and you just lip syncing like most musicians :P :P

In IT: Im not saying this just to make it look bad, but I have asked many people form many different IT companies across all carders of positions and I still have'nt understand what it means. Lets say it has somehing to do with "Technical Aspect",  " The getting the software ready" , "The core work", or lets call it "The development of app/services" but I bet there is no one to explain it simple to you  !


In music: Engineer is a guy who literally fixes everything, he takes a singer voice and does the magic and makes it godly. He can even make actors who can barely deliver a simple dialogue sing like a freaking pro with all the latest software. And unlike what a hacker/geek thinks Mac is not a toy, its actually the temple for any sound engineer.

In IT: Well in IT engineer is a guy/gurl who spent four years in a college just because the HR/ HR policies think that makes him/her super qualified to work in technology/project randomly allotted. But then HELL YEAH IM PROUD OF MY ENGINEERING !!   


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