Monday, July 30, 2012

WTF Marriage !

MY dear regular blog readers dont take me wrong I never had an intention to write a blog post on marriages, but then I got this mail from indiblogger forum  that there is a competition on blog post entries where  3 winning posts get Kindle Fires and lots more goodies to win as prize for the title Love marriage or arrange marriage? Honestly speaking marriages are social menace, the second stupidest thing man ever invented after GOD of course BUT then here it goes

And since its 32 years past 1980 so I wanted my blog post to not look like an arts college freshman year debate from 1980 and so I added some real recent happenings !!

Arranged Marriage :
  • Well all your life you are taught not to speak to a stranger and suddenly  your asked to sleep with one and live rest of your life. [If your still considering I was complaining by the previous line, you can stop reading you are too old for this go read news paper]. Well but sad truth is no trials here, and of course no replacement or returns (but now slowing things are getting better).
  • The best part of arranged marriage/date is that if you are bad in picking the right person let some one else do it just be good at getting picked :D 
  • If the right person is picked its not so different from a Love marriage, except the marriage part comes before the LOVE part !!  
  • The added BINGO in this type of marriages is you can blame your family for anything and everything, and it could be awesome !!!!!

Love marriage : 
  • The argument that  "In Love marriage you live with some one you know well " hold very true but this aint not so far from living and sleeping with a stranger any ways. The point is some times, and only some times there is a good understanding between "the boy and the girl" or "the boy and the boy" or "the girl and the girl" which makes the partnership better.
  • But some times people are lost in infatuation and lust, i mean why did i even type sometimes, most of time people are lost in a fantasy world either due to 
    1. Social Status[having a gf/bf has become a privileged]  
    2. Mental Status[thanks to Indian movies] 
    3. Wrong idea about relationships[thanks to americans movies] and they forget that personality match is the most important thing in a long marriage and not SIZES/SALARY/FAVORITE TV CHANNEL.
  • Well here you get to Hit and Trial, Trial and Replace, do personality fit and find the right person, but rarely people do that they only try and fail !
  • Well like most popular cases here FAMILY get to blame you for anything and everything, seriously anything and everything. 

Well be it arranged or love ALL MARRIAGES END IN THE SAME MESS now a days, so the point is to decide whether to marry at all [ which is just a stupid ceremony where we spend money for society and feed unknown people with lots of food] or just stay together in a happy relationship [ raise both your middle fingers realy high, if people think its wrong ]


Anonymous said...

Good one Swami.. oyoyoy

krish said...

good one. 2 people want to be together.. don't think marriage is compulsory.

Want marriage.. simply go get registered marriage... blowing off cash on show off for guest ....not my cup of tea.. rather giveaway the same amount to a social responsibility / service and earn some good karma on your marriage.

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Swamynathan Hariharan said...

@krish thanks man and yea true marriage is turning more into social thing

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

@ lifeprints

thank you :D

Sukumar Kothandapani said...

Sema punch:) Bold writing :)

Swamynathan Hariharan said...


oyoyoy !!! it will keep coming !!!

Preeth said...

gr8 one!!! :) loved readin it re..

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

oyoyoy thank you

Richy said...

Hahaha! LOL

varun said...

Awesome post dude.. :) choice of words.. too good.. keep up the good work man.. :)

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

oyoyoyoy tnx man !!

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog post and you make some good arguments. I still think marriage has its place (love or arranged) as long as the couple is willing to work for it.

I run a free Indian matrimonial site called Desi Spark and I also have a blog where I provide advice and guidance to help people find their matrimonial partner, and I'd like to feature part of your post on my blog if it's ok with you.

All the best,

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

sure pls use any thing from my blog,

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