Friday, July 20, 2012

Gauhati Happenings

WOW so again some men molested a girl and YOU  might have seen it on youtube as well, Shouting kill these bastards, but you dint stop the video you let it play, waiting to know when it will zoom next or where does it end.

 No Im not that worried about "20 men MOLESTING a GIRL on streets", its been happening for last few decades.

- Im worried about 16 yr old girl going to pubs.
- Im worried about her family supporting that idea.
- Im worried about how mass media encourages and also spreading obscene footage.
- Im worried about the camera man who was zooming on the hands when his main argument to plead guilty was he wanted to capture the face.
- Im worried people pervertly spreading the video making it viral and how people go searching "Guwathi molestation non censored video" on Google.
- Im worried about the group of people who are eagerly waiting on youtube for the next such incident to happen.
- Im worried about how the NGO want the culprit to be caught but not giving a DAMN to clean the system.
- Im worried about how lightly the politicians take such things, like they already knew it was going to happen.
- AND Im worried about them politicians who would have actually purchased a copy of the same for their next Assembly.

Well I chose to be the change I want to see, I ignore what the news says, what the CM says, what the PUB owners say, what the accused says or what the youtube comments say,
I choose to stay away from video, I CONDEMN IT BY not watching it !
I choose to not blame any one, if any one is to be blamed we all are to be blamed thats why its called a system !!

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