Friday, May 11, 2012

The DIVA who ate an Aspirin

Disclaimer: If you are a women who think "All men are rude and ALL women are innocent and what ever a women does is always has a reason, please dont read this blog post you could rather spend your valuable time in this website --"

Well now to the question "How much of inconvinence a women can bear to look cool/hot to a small likeminded group? ", the answer is another question ":O REALLY SHE'S THAT DESPERATE ?  ". Well lets review one by one.

1) Heels
Theres a saying a true gentleman is some one who gives his shoes to her and carries her "heels",  I mean WTF?(now if ur wondering whats wrong in that, please read the Disclaimer again). Well on a conversation with some one who was wearing a matching heel lets say 5 inches to her dress when asked if it hurts so much why do you wear it? said "Times are changing fashion is changing" and when reminded of her both skin getting cut and ankle sprained said "Looks are important to a women".
Well I doo see a point, but they also "dance crazy" with it, drive cars with it, carry babies with it in their arms YES its stupid and we all know "YOU WEAR HEELS CUS UR FKIN SHORT".

2) Low hip skin fit pants
Low hip pants (which originated from US jail homosexual culture) meets skin fit pants (which makes sure that ur skin is tightly packed) both put to gether AHAA! a new "Modern womens outfit" and gives a garuntee of knee ache and skin rashes. The main purpose of skin fit is convinence, why do they spoil it by pulling pants to a level that its exactly most difficult to move around with, so that a few chipmonks can hi5 them and say "cool pants !!!"

3) Tight (-1) size dresses

[Content removed, well if your smart you'd guess by now]

4) Hair Gel/Straighteners
Ah !! A perfect hair style to match their perfect duck face.(If your a women and think duck faces are cool go read the Disclaimer properly and if you a man and still like duck faces here is a site for you ). Gels and Sprays to keep your hair set in a style that dossent even have a name and stay bald or close to hair less in your older age a sincere wow.

Well, Surveys have proved and I myself also acknowledge the fact that (real) men like simple fashion and simple stuff so women dont really need to mess up AND if the ARGUMENT is "We dont dress for MEN" then fkin wear something THAT DOSSENT HURT YOU ! You STUPID #!$(@ !


Kannadasan said...

What a Observation da Saamy kannu:)
Well Thatha paati....Amma Appa....Anna Thambhi...Friends Solli thirundhadavanga, Nee solli Thirundha porangala??

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

hahaha :P :P

gitanjali said...

om MY! what prompted this post, pray? :P

Thousif said...

awesome facts dude!!! :D women gotta get to this part of ur blog, wake up womens!!!

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

@gitanjali- some surprising conversations with some one really pissed me off :P :P

@tousif yaya sure :P lets start a movement

Anonymous said...

guys want girlfriends like THAT (what u described there) yet a wife whose seedhi savetri .

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

^^^ the problem begins where guys start diving Gf and wife separating
and girls do it much more dedicated-ly