Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pirates of The FM Rainbow

I was so proudly debating with an elderly friend of mine that "Piracy exist because there are people in Internet who want people to have things for free, and we are just victims of this Offer. To prove this I threw my pitch that "Before Internetifycation and DVD era We all bought original Cassettes and went to movies". Then I opened my old stash to show him my old cassette collection to prove my side of argument.

Nostalgic titles kept coming KuchKuchHotaHai, Mohobateen, Taal, Deevdas, some SanuNigam Album, then one LuckyAli Album, Adnan Sami llift Karade, a couple of  Tamil  Strings' Dhaani, Pukaar, RehnaHaiTereDilMein, DilChahtaHai, Lagaan, LegendOfBhaghatSingh and WOAH WOAH WOAH a 90 minutes recordable tape on which, with sketch was written 50 Cent, Shady and Dr Dre. Well now obviously I lost the battle and  had no choice but to flip the argument with something else, before I was pointed out. I started talking about how we recorded those songs from my friends of friends friends collection.. Some times when we dont get the required song or like if that album was never released in India, I used to call the FM Rainbow show which played English songs and request for the track and record from radio when they played it live.

Well if you experienced this or if not at least notice the fact in the parah above, we(u, me, everyone) be it now or 10 yrs back, definitely did involve in Music and Movies piracy but there was definitely a partiality, a natural BIAS which was based on HOW likely we would be entertained by the MEDIA in question.

Suppose I  had Rs150 and there was a 50Cent cassette OR an RHCP cassette OR say Backstreet Boys cassette  against Devdaas cassette AND one more Hindi movie. I would go for the 2 hindi Movie cassette.
(No im talking about Value add by purchasing music). But if it were an Eminem Cassette or MJ against 2 Hindi movies. I would buy an Eminem or MJ tape.

The same goes to movies we always have 2 types of movies one we go see in theater and buy original collector DVD, the second, we either torrent it or get a pirated DVD from the street shop. There are many factors that impact this action[both in movies action softwares etc etc ] First would be our personal likes and dislikes. Secondly the reviews we read in common media or by word of mouth.Sometimes we jump into the Bandwagon and do what most people do(buy/pirate). This decision making cant be quantified.

# The theory is based on observation and extrapolation of thought no research done.


Sinequanon said...

Lolz...Hilarious...I remember the days when we used to do tht...piracy and records tapping even before actual p2p sharing..haha..the fun was in really involving into it and not downloading a torrent and getting stuff which someone else had pirated already .... Bro it seems just a small phase from the recent past...Srikanth , U & Me Pirates of the Music Industry...

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

haha :P

Brassic Bhai said...

a short post but which benefited me greatly. thanx for writing this

Brassic Bhai said...

piracy is more a question of media, as you touched upon it.

for example, a poor or average movie is something which we may wish to pay very less for.

but a remarkable movie would be something which we can pay 500 for a movie ticket as well.

between the two kinds of movies, however, we will alter our decisions regarding how we access those two movies. for one we wont mind accessing it through a movie hall, but for the other (poor movie), we willhave a great hesitation to access it through a movie hall, though if given a mechanism whereby we can pay lets say, Rs. 50 and if we can download it, we had rather do that.

however, those who make movies want to push movies (even the poor ones) only through movie halls, and they prevent availaibility of that movie through other mechanisms. then we indulge in accessing the movie through other mechanisms, which people like to call as "piracy"

Swamynathan Hariharan said...

:D oyoyoy, thanks for the feedback, and about the piracy thing, I see that there is a sub conscious non-economic factor that decides if you would pay or get pirates stuff or torrent too !!

I am kind of working on that reading observing and soon questioning !!

Lets wait for the results ;)