Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Struggle Cafe

White summer sky, yellow summer hay,
The fake water on the road,  far away,
No sign of life, all time of the day,
But im here to stay and run the Cafe.

The dust in the air,the dirt on the road,
The sun and the flair, shining cafe board,
Like a ancient lost page of an ode,
But im here to stay and stick to my code.

Its a summer of a May, a Bay full of ray,
Stuck in the middle, we pray, we prey,
The hot day air make my weather vane sway
But im here to stay like it Guy Fawkes Day.

 The burn on my skin, the sweat on my chest, 
Thoughts compressed, confessed, sweet, summer test. 
Wont stop till it sets, far on the west.
And im here to stay and stand for my quest.

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