Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Diwali WTF

Diwali suxxx yeah lets get over it, we all know diwali just suxxxx its a stupid day admit stupid time of the year where we do stupid things namely:
1) Burst crackers, fireworks pollute the sky, sometime fire works on us, and then wake up with a burning eye due to excess smoke in the air.
2) Eat sweets like pig and end up in new unhealthy situations, every year and then take resolutions that dont even help.
3) Buy things we dont even need, at prices we dont really afford, on discount that are so fake.
4) Pray in a language(sanskrith) we hardly understand.
5) Well now the movie makers actually make us believe that we badly need to WATCH A MOVIE ON DIWALI, if not at least go to the theater and see the poster.
6) All the TV channels compete for TRP putting exclusive shows to make sure that no one watches TV.

7) We walk into a flooded Textile/Clothing shop to pick one random dress just for the sake of it and wait 2 hrs for the bill.
8) From this year onward they have found even dogs are badly affected.
9) NOT to mention about the SMS which are not free on this day and the day before.
10) From when did diwali and booze sale started correlating ???
11) We random walk the stock market ourself that too knowingly.

WELL we actually forget the fact is DEEPAWALI/ DEWALI is all about just lighting up a diya/deepam/oil lamp, LIVE SIMPLE..ITS Beautiful :)


BiG D SaurTer said...

Its actually Deepawali which means something like rows of several Deepak/Diyas. Ask'em to explain "diwali" and they go blank. Check my current Fb status and the comments under it. You'l get example.


meswamy said...

Well in that way 99% of the words dont have a derived meaning it means something because we call it so !!

You should read more about how language evolve no single book can help you btw...

Well if this is the first time this deepawali diwali thing hit u brain chords, wonder why the media never gave a fk about it ?? its cus it dossent even matter.10 yrs doen the lane people start calling it some other random wont matter...thats how language evolve !!

viveks said...

hey dude what u said is absolutely correct....only one thing happy abt this day is its a public holiday.....