Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And thats how i MBA

Now that my interns are over and my college breaks open for 3rd semester the second year of MBA. Apart form the regular college is boring, hostel sucks, i hate college food etc etc regular MBA punchnama i have some hot opening story...

The first day of my course i woke up late and missed the very first session, now that is not something so cool a thing as i am answerable the next day. So i thought il say i had some medicine and couldent wake up early or some crap like that and this is what happened

PROF : Swamynathan ! You dint come to my morning class yesterday ?
ME : sir last night i was ill ! i had heavy dose of medicine late night so couldent get up early.
PROF : oh ! royal stag ?
ME: (mumbling and holding myself in shock) no sir i had cetrazine......
--one asshole from the back shouts "have I made it large"--
PROF: discuss about the cetrazine later
ME :@!$!


henry said...

These pictures are so impressive. I am sure my peers will enjoy these in chandigarh

meswamy said...

:P :D

Sukumar Kothandapani said...

Best response: "En late? Late ayuduchu sir" :D

meswamy said...

lol :P