Friday, June 17, 2011


[If you havent seen the Movie inception you might not enjoy this post to its fullest but after reading this post if you watch Inception you enjoy it mroe than rest ;)]

I have a confession to make!!

LONG LONG AGO when I was studying for my exams,I slowly dosed off, to realize I started dreaming. AND what I was studying was playing around the dream :O :O :O

The same happened quite a few more times, that's when i found to my surprise i had super powers "i could built and go into a dream world just by reading books".

Then i started reading newspapers, magz to pull more of current things into my dream and there i became a strong dream technician. Then if i wanted to study something, all i had to do was start reading the book goto my dream, search for my dream-bookshelf and keep a book of that subject,and before some character out of no where, with no introduction comes and snatches it away. After i make sure its safe i quickly run from it, swing in the air, jump down and tadaaaa ITS ON.

Kept doing this for quite some time till i realized when i study with other i could navigate into others dreams too, I started keeping book in their dream-shelves too!! BUT to get them out of the dream i had to shoot a bullet in their forehead. When im in their dreams i could as well browse what was there in their dream-shelf to see what they have already studied, or browse into their secret vaults to find their dark or bright secrets...SLOWLY i turned this into a profession, no not the book thing actually the secret vault thingy...... I make them read Harry potter and put them into sleep, when they are in their dream i pose like the new replacement for "dumbledore" and ask them to check if their vault is all right and when they go open it BANG :D :D :D :D

If i read a book in my dream i could further go into inner dream levels, but if i read the same book twice i go into LIMBO, which in simple words is "a disco that plays miley cirus all day long WITH THE VIDEO ". SO i had to take precaution each time.

It was going all good till i started dealing the wiser ones who refuse to read Harry potter so i gave them sidney sheldon, the biggest mistake in my life. You never know when a women chases you or tries to kill you in very unmentionable ways. AND IT WAS THEN i had an unsuccessful mission and this time we had a college faculty involved. YUP I was given a chance to make it up, I had to train a bunch of students a day before the final Semester exam AND they showed up only 20 minutes before the exam.

Eight guys 20 min, which means in first dream level il have 1.5hrs, but wont be enough to find 8 books. So i have to make them study a book in their dream and goto the next dream level where i get an equivalent of 8 hrs where i can keep the book finally and then come out of one dream and make other person goto next level and so on.

NOW i was done with 4 person. I had 12 min in real world left 40 min in the first level. Sort of enough but this is when One of the students imagine about the invigilator and the dream manifest to be against us and the remaining 4 are lost in different levels, Not i found two in same level after a long search, and to this i realized that all the books were with one person and he is still missing. Then i used by spare book to goto next level catch the guy who had the book. We were now in his dream and it was inside a library now this is the rush of my life ---> the other guy in the library read the very book he read in the beginning and HE WENT INTO A LIMBO.......

I finished the remaining guys now i had only 3 minutes left in real world = 20 minutes in level 2 = 3 hours in level 3 = 22 hours in level 4 =62 yrs in the LIMBO. I took the risk, went into the LIMBO(the last time i was in limbo was when i read 'angles n demons' twice in 2 levels) and trust me LIMBO was not a great place!!! THIS time Miley Cirus was playing LIVE. It was already 22 yrs for the guy who was in, and no wonder what would happen to a guy who heard Miley 22yrs live, he almost lost IT, killing him and bringing back was easy. I told him she was singing and he died out of surprise!!!

Now we all in level 1 with 12 minutes there, 1 min40sec in real life. I forgot my gun, now freaking out to find ways to get out. It was just a minute before the elcturer pushed us from the benches kicking us out of our dream right in time for exam.

They and me Happily lived ever after :)


Sukumar Kothandapani said...

OMG... This is ROFL imagination... Too good... Good writing bro :D

meswamy said...

hehe thanks man ;)