Thursday, February 3, 2011

the TREK

It was too early a morning, one among the rare days when i get to see a 5 am, took a shower, had to brush while in shower as i was already late .......;) ....... .......rushed to CMBT where we all, a group of 16 from my college and 4 more from the ECOLOGIN, the trek organizers assembled, where we came to realize that MTC bus was waiting for us :O :O. As soon as we jumped in, we started our grand endeavor with bananas :P :P YUP in the bus early morning, followed by few more snacks, juice etc etc etc.....we got down at VELLORE where we had breakfast(i mentioned this to make sure that dont mistake the bus munchies for breakfast, we actually eat a lot). Then we got on a bus to some place then from that some place we got on a share auto to another some place, from where we started our trek.

Well before i get into the details of the trek there is something i would love to mention, well................... few first timers got a huge suitcase along filled with all everything perhaps a beauty parlor would have,and the HELL I WAS THINKING when i was teasing them for carrying heavy luggage !!!!!!!!!!!! cus never did i know due to physical endurance and trek continuity I HAD TO CARRY IT ALL ALONG X( more thing is the fact that we realized it the HARD way that it was not a picnic, it was a hilly forest trek oh around 10 km walk everyday...........and things like how fresh and brisk we were before we started and it was only 30 min and everyone is crying.......putting it in a single word it was fulla surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAY1: The organizers had planned for a tight tough trek just to give us a taste of what real trekking is all about. It was Armageddon. Semi-dense hilly forest with bushes and shrubs which had more thorns than leaves, rocks scattered all the path enough to make keep us slow and yet make someone fall every 2 min, weird looking snakes, insects which even etymologist wouldn't have seen,and not to mention the heavy luggage.But then we were still busy searching for our favorite cream biscuit from the bottom of the bags, drinking pepsi as if we were chilling in a lounge and fighting for the last piece of lays! We were divided into 3 segments obviously the first, the middle and the last........for coordinating, controlling etc etc etc...but then all i remember was anybody who made it fast were first slowest ones the last the remaining the middle, and co-ordination LOL I REALLY PITY THE ORGANIZERS FOR ACCEPTING US TO TREK :P................then we stopped by a small hillock for a small break, eventually became a big one and of course yes we were already slow and late. then we were told we would trek for 15 more min reach a stream then an hour and an half more to a village where we would grab some rest and have lunch...............and yes we were so FAST that we took some rest and had our lunch within an hour near the STREAM then 2 more hours the village where we got some more water ate more snacks then we were told we are going to have a down trek leading to a valley village where we would camp for night, it was almost dark when we started and forests in dark i need not describe. The rocks were slippery/shakey, bushes suspicious of animals and water almost over, STILL every time some one slips there is a person aptly ready to capture a foto and shout a call ! :P :P.....the organizers did a great job of encouragement THEY SAID ONLY 10 MINUTES MORE EVERY 30 MIN FOR 3 HOURS............and then we reached....we are some food locally prepared got into better dresses laid out a tent and ROCK on i have no memories of between 11pm to 7 am....

DAY2: We got up one by one got FRESH(sort of) then we had a small session on making different types of knots, i loved the handcuff knot, then we quickly pushed off started walking, i was re-leaved of suitcase, but it was my turn for tent bag x( X(.............we were walking on open field :D :D flat lands no trees but then hot scorching sun....we had to cross the same stream 3-4 times at different places.....sounded weird but then it was fun watching people fall at streams, then we landed near a was was a natural slide....the water was clean and REALLY COLD......and yup everyone was thrown into the water no matter what, and those who resisted were later attacked and submerged in completely.......and we every one was soo sleepy that no one even want to walk an inch but then in 30 min we had rock climbing in teams of 5 :O :O :O, i still cant believe i actually climbed a huge rock :O :O :O then we trekked uphill by the evening and yes the final destination was always 10 min away. then an open grounds where we hoisted the tent...........had a camp fire...........cooked sweet potatoes which we carried for 2 days.....then had our supper.................then had a rounds of talks/chats/blabbering/etc etc/.......then we tried sleeping...but it was soo cold and the camp filled with dew few guys pumped out the fire again and few more joined them........the good thing was when most of them were outside there were a lot of extra blankets enough to keep me warm in the tent :P :P :P

DAY 3: Woke up late to find that still majority of them were hidden under blankets, it was almost 8 and we were asked to start off ASAP, most of them refused to BATH, but a few of us to be specific a 4 of us asked for JUST 10 MIN and took a healthy drench in the stream and got back by 9, had some camp made maggi n cup noodles ...then we rolled up the tent had some map making activities we had to cap the map of the locality on ground it was kinda fun !!!!!! then we sat doing nothing ...when the girls started playing and swinging in tree branches and YUP few more fotos of falling people. then some locally made lunch from a village and we started of slowly walking an open road which lead us to a bus stop where we had to wait for a bus which never came...mean while people started pwning each other............yeah i got owned badly :( :(...........we got out of the hill in a state of art vehicle to another some place from where the BUS got us back home :D There is lot more to discuss about the trek but then im god damn tired of writing..


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