Sunday, November 7, 2010

me and mbaaaaaaaaaaaa

For those whom i havent informed yet, yes im doing an MBA now(yup u can beat my ass up later for not telling ul :P). Might sound weird but im in hostel in my hometown(but then im loving it), and things are good.

MBA in a simple words would be getting back the human nature, cus we're turned into animals in under graduation and this is the wake up call.

The MBA subjects are different, unheard of before, taxing and of course vast and they literally change a person(well from the above para u can see that i lost the sense of humor).

We had an internal exam and lets see how things turn up!

Nice subject, clean theory all you need to do is just write formulas and substitute values and u get the answer, sounded so exciting, but then we have more than 300 formulas.

Economics is something everyone should know(i dont) we gain enough knowledge of this subject from dailies and weeklies(i dint) its more of common sense that theory.

TQM [total quality management] and OB [observational behavior ohh i mean organizational behavior]:

These two papers are the soul of MBA [im sorry no more comments, if ur an MBA u wud know what]

Accountancy the heart of finance, money matters a really interesting subject i sorta fell in love with accountancy but then our relation is a bit complicated, i realized this in exams.

LEGAL ASPECTS of business:
This is something i fear most we actually need to remember acts and sections and schedules "meri toh ek defination mein fatthi hai, ye toh pura act ki bath karthe hai"(in tamil "inge oru defination ke vakku illai, act ah act") I even tried wearing black dress for the law exam but dint work.

summing up: well now u know why i dont post blogs so often, why i stopped movie reviews, or why my fb status and gtalk status are either lame or copied from other sites !



Sukumar Kothandapani said...

Oyoy....."I even tried wearing black dress for the law exam but dint work" Did you really ;)

meswamy said...

yup :) they said for gown u need to show licence