Thursday, July 22, 2010

guys dont hmm to guys !!!!!!!!!!!!

me : hey there oyoyoy !!
girl : hiii.. wassup?
me : am duin gud
girl : hmm
me : whats hot?
girl : hmm ...nm just beating around
girl: hmm... i gtg :) bye
me: oyoyoy tc



me : oyoyoy dude long time
guy : hmm :)
me : >.<
guy : yeah long time
me : any news?
guy : hmm.. no
me : bye i gtg


C mon guys you dont HMM to other guys while ur talk in person YTF do u'll do that on chat !!!!!!

Well guys dont hmm to guys, unless they have HOMOSEXUAL MOTIVES

Its not about being gay its about acting gay, i mean no disrespect to the homosexuals, but then i hate guy who act gay, and piss me off ! Apart from this there are many more thing that can piss you off like delayed chatting, u just asked something and the person answers something questioned 2 min bk :P

a: dude i got a car !
b: wow man
a: i call her "niki"
b: happy for you !
a: my wife gave it !
b: is she hot ?
a: what ???????
b: whats the millage?
a: i get a 15 on a litre
b: thats hot man
went out some where
a: yeah went to a long drive like a 100 miles with ma wife
b: thats long man
a: to a motel
b: did she make noise


i would jus say type in a speed ur opponent is typing.

good bye !


gitanjali.j said...

LOL i totally loved that :D Do try to blog more often! I passed out of the same college, did the same course- no time's a no no excuse. That place teaches us to constructively waste time.

meswamy said...

yup true but i think u commented on the wrong post :P :P