Saturday, April 10, 2010

on writing a formal letter

My first acquaintance to formal letter writing was in 6th standard when i was in Calcutta, dint give much damn about it till i was in 10th, where formal letters had a considerably large marks. Well lemme cut the history short and end it here and to the point. We often not give much importance or sometime soon at all to English classes, since we can anyway pass without learning anything "cus we know the shit". BUT for instance when it comes to a real life experience :D we fk up.

Here goes a small story of what happened. I had dropped a check with the challan filled in a drop box in the AXIS ATM in Koyambedu. Now a week later i got a cal early morning
caller:"good morning, is this swamynathan"
called:we are calling from axis bank !
(now i was about to cut the call cus i taught it was some tele marketing shit but before i did something stupid)
caller: had you dropped a Cheque of #### bank for **** rupees.
me: yes i did
caller: you have mentioned the account number wrong
me: huh what
caller: goto nearest Axis bank and get the issue solved.

I slept again cus it was too early for me to wake up 9 40 am.

Then after lunch i went to the bank nearby thinking all i have to do is tell him blah blah blah happened and he will fix it.

I did that and then he made some calls verified some details from me..........
HE suddenly turned to me and said no issues just write a letter to return the check and give it to the lady in that desk and he went of handing me a A4 empty sheet.

The world spun around me i was like "wot dhe fk " :O

Now to whom do i write, what format do i follow, what details do i disclose in a letter, what content do i write. All my english teachers flashed in my mind right from LKG to 1ST yr in engg all laughing at me singing "watcha gonna do when they come for you ?"

Then the lady sitting next to me was writing a letter too, :D:D:D of course i dint learn how to write a letter from all these years of so called formal eduction "BUT I WAS GREAT AT COPYING".
She wrote the city n date, i did the same
She addresses it to the branch manager i did the same
She wrote her address i wrote mine :D
She started with the body i waited for her to finish the body of her letter so i could know how to portray the content,
Now i was well set ready to write i managed to write something and hurrayyyyyyyiiiiieeeeeOUCH, the lady moved out, now i was sitting there wondering all the wonders of the communications history with a half written formal letter i dint even see if the lady signed on the right side or the left side[i know it dossent matter BUT STIL].
First did inky pinky ponky but then it dossent count for 2 opptions. So i waited for the area to get clear and did "spin the pen" it showed right side and phew i signed gave it to them and ran off !!

PS: If you are english teacher please quote this scenario in your classroom :(

atleast let the next generation be prepared!



remojan said...

lol!gud 1 :D

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Azad said...

Ha ha ha!!!
Nice one man!!!!! We indeed chucked english classes because we thought we knew the stuff!! And couple that with SMS addiction. Kaboom- we get a mess!!!

Keep it up!!


meswamy said...

yeah man this sms lingo fucking the youth up