Wednesday, March 3, 2010

jai nityananda - part 1

The whoile country raised a finger against him, posters burnts, office shatters, devotees hurt etc etc

Just because he had sexual affair !

Having sex is not a crime or a condemned thing, at a point of life every one does it, more over its cant be shunned in the very land of kamasuthra or the land of "SECOND LARGEST POPULATION".

The public and media are simply over acting and misbehaving just TOO MUCH !

They claim he cheated the audience , well he never did , he had the full divine knowledge he knew vedas he was a brilliant guy who in the past 7 years of his public life, has been a transformational force in the lives of over 2 million people across numerous countries around the world. The powerful truths he lives and shares and his personal authenticity have made his teachings relevant across religions, cultures and class.




And hello PUBLIC if u really think this whole thing was attoricous why are you watching it, how come youtube and other site clicks hit one lakh ot fifty thousand in 1 or 2 days.
Everybody is having a peak on it, but only one guy and one lady running through a blame , a stigma of scandal and a taboo of sex.

Many assholes also claim that he cant do it cus he claims he is still a bhramin and has taken brahmin vow in public WELL the whole hindu system is based on puranas and puranas never abstain any one from sex ! SO go fuck yourself, and it you wanna get famous video tape while u do that media will play it for free !

BTW version was mindblowing it had background music and shows lotta "jobs" done

BOTTOM LINE:ranjitha is still hot ! just like those karna days!



Arvind Natarajan said...

Ranjitha is not hot :P
good one though..i liked the way it started...keep writing and yeah "FUCK YOU" public

Anonymous said...

if a brahmachari.. is supposed to not even get horny.. and a guy publicly announces that he is being brahmachari or has taken a vow to be a brahmachari n has sex its a mistake...

if the guy has not publicly announced he is brahmachari n all that and has not taken a vow of brahmachari..
n professes spirituality
he has rite to have sex!!!!

n also i feel media sucks n is big time being all "self - righteous" indulging in an individual's human rights..

Public has to show fingers on others so as to hide its own crimes and also to make itself feel "worthy" by condemning others..


Ps : ranjitha is hot..

subburam said...

lol...our cm's got 3 wives and he is condemning this..

meswamy said...

yeah lol !

what we can learn from this is "never mix work and pleasure"

he should have wore a different costume

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a major turning point for Indian Culture as my own parents made me watch porn the hall!!!

Well the censorship board is going to undergo recession soon . Thanks to our media.
All the former employees will be in employment exchange!! :P

meswamy said...

what i dont understand is if media can play this , then the wardrobe malfunctioning then other school and college scandals

then why the hell are Indian versions of movies censored to a very conntentfull extent.

Subburam said...

take a look at this

meswamy said...

yeah prety much expected !

Rajesh Kumar R.K said...

Doing SEX is not a crime, but there is a way to do that, He should not do it with the type of outfit he have, he compares him to GOD, says he is a GOD, Teaches others to follow god(he says him)

he is caller Muttrum thuranda munivar (முற்றும் துறந்த முனிவர் ) means he has given his money, fame, karma, SEX, beleif to god. So many Deveotees are there who gave everything to god but not like him.

DO FUCK but do it in a right manner.

meswamy said...

"he is caller Muttrum thuranda munivar "

he is called so he dossent calls himself so he calls himself god and gods do have sex.

"means he has given his money, fame, karma, SEX, beleif to god. "

did he ever ever accept this is public

karthick said...

hi swamy if he is a mormal person or bhramin wat ever it is sex is good and that his its rights.he says he is a thuravi so as a bhramin u knw wat a thuravi means,if we want to have sex he could have married some girls...and this person must be killed cos he destroyed our spiritual moral

micman said...

+1 -1

meswamy said...

@ karthick
no !
he dint kill the spiritual moral !
moral are subject to society not religion!

first in our society sex is in abundance(now dont neglect that)

in religion sanyasi and sadhus r abstrained from sex ! it means a guy who leaves all wordly pleasure is called a sanyasi or sadhu.

now just because he wears saffron attire u cant label him as a sanyasi.
Well he preaches spiritual lessens very well and thus he is a guru, and gurus or rishis are not abstrained from sexual pleasures.

Dj Adhi said...

according to me wat he did is wrong !!! He shudve married someone !!! but he claims himself to be a THURAVI !!! a Thuravi is different from MUNIVAR !!!

meswamy said...

Thuranthavan = Thuravi / sanyasi is a person who had left everything ... parents / wife/ kids/ wealth / house, everything

Ie some one who wanders in search of truth

he definately was not one and never claimed to be one, he had house, land properties, he used to give lectures(so he is justa guru),he used to come on tvs shows,he had a girlfriend too he was never a Thuravi and never claimed to be one

Rajesh Kumar R.K said...

Do you know what is the real meaning of sanyasi??????????

Do you think this is a Stolen scene? Its all a act,

See This guy has gained/collected/stoled lot of money, being in the coat of sanyasi he cannot use this money as such. This is just a plan to remove is sayansi outfit, he will be arrested for a year or two, in a few months people will forget who he is, then he comes out in a different outfit and enjoy all the money. This is a true fact behind this. No one will accept this or understand this,

Just think Logically, no one can shoot or set a camera in that position, that too in the same position for consecutive days, its just a ACT.

Subburam said...

Being an agnostic,i shud be the last person to talk abt spirituality..But being brought up around transcedental meditation,I can tel you for a fact that it doesn't preach abstinence..
And nithyananda is jus a spiritual guru who happens to teach meditation...

Guru Yoga is one of the paths in Hinduism (the others being Bhakti Yoga: devotion, Karma Yoga : action, Raja Yoga: meditaiton/breath, Hatha Yoga: physical exercise, Tantra Yoga: techniques and rituals, Jnana Yoga: knowledge) and each guru has a different yoga...path...

And ppl like me are more pissed off by hypocrites who believe these gurus as gods and get shocked hearing their secrets..

Nithyanada is no holier than You!

Puttaparthi Saibaba has managed to come out of scandals few times in the past. Though BBC reported with established evidence about Saibaba and his homosexual affairs, Saibaba cleverly planned and walked out of those traps.God-man Kalki Bhagwan has several charges, but every time he has managed to come out of those allegations.

And i dont blame them for trying to cover it up...

Would anybody follow Swami Vivekananda, if they knew that he was a chain smoker? Or a Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, if they knew that he was a tobacco addict?

People want an all-perfect leader which they imagine with select qualities and when these gurus fail to deliver this all-perfect image, the same people trash 'em.

Why bother to have a guru in the 1st place then...

meswamy said...

yeah absolutely...

first of all sanyasi's dont address masses of people or keep property...

calling him a sanyasi is p[ointless

and the justification to his sexual behavior will come in part 2

sakthifossfoundation said...

Swami really your view is interesting and you think in different attitude....keep think different man

meswamy said...

thank all fo support

next post coming soon

Anonymous said...


meswamy said...

@ Anonymous

nityananda has an identity a name and a sirname so he aint son of a itch thats for sure !

the thing its, yoo who is not having an identity !!

think about it !

umbrella said...

U say "moral are subject to society not religion!". It's WRONG. There are different standards of moral. A politician like Karunanidhi can have 3 wives and many a mistresses and still can become a CM. cz society's moral is such! Where as Hindu religion sets a certain standard on moral for it's spiritual gurus. Millions of ppl listen to his preachings..try to follow his wise crakcs. So..this spiritual Gurus have moral responsibility and religious responsibility to act within line..with decorum! Having sex is not a crime..but 'having sex out of wedlock' is a sure crime for spiritual gurus! There should be some difference between a common man and a spiritual guru..isnt it? Just because Hinduism is more accommodating than any other religion, exploiting it to one's own gain is highly condemnable!

meswamy said...

@umbrella first of all thanks, as your opposition was the most justified of all obove replies..

well first of all hinduism is not a religion its more than that its a philosophy.....secondly its based on only and only puranas(not the epics nor the vedas) which never abstain any one from sex at any point of life untill he takes a "sanyas".......Mostly nityananda preaches teaches etc etc he never claimed himself to be taken sanyas

not only hinduism but many religion/philosophie allows gurus/saints to have sex/pleasure.the medivial culture changed it spoilt it etc etc

well In the so called medivial hinduism women wernt allowed out of house

"if women can come out of their house, why cant saint have sex"[it might sound irrelevent to content but i belive this argument holds good]

please do read my next blog post where i have given more justification