Sunday, January 10, 2010

It aint food unless its unhealthy

-->If its healthy as in "good for health" its aint FOOD its a medicine or a body rejenovate or perhaps "a magical potion". So if ur dieting it means ur sick or ill :P

-->We always tend to be attracted to tasty things , things with high cal extra fat,sodium and spice, then why restrict to uncooked or partialy cooked food and grass items. Isint life about what you want, then why the fk do people eat raw vegetale,drink skimmed milk with boiled meat and say "im loving this , its healthy" , in that case if ur ill just "get a docter" and if u aint , well "hey get a life and get some real food !"

-->Donno why people find Pizzas extreamly evil ,HELLO its got vegetables , carbs , herbs an all, its like eating a salad , raw bread and some cheese at the same time so next time order a large dont stop with a medium size !

-->Fried snacks:Be it Western or Chinese or Indian, how can some one say no to it man ! its fried !!HOT samosas[Indian] ,french fries, hotdogs,burgers,pakodas[Indian],nachos,fried chicken etc they are an important part of a food ritual which is very essential for very existence of humanity just imagine if there were no junk food there be no restaurants ,no socializations , so next time u hit KFC no more finger licking good , thats for the kids, be a man go with "ur whole fist licking good"

-->When it comes to sweeeeeets and deesserts i have a speeeeeeecial carving towards it[so does everyone nvm] and i literally justify that "I scream for icecream".Once there was a health campainge in ma college and i met a dentist he said sweets aint good for ur teeth ,well the whole day i was looking out for a toungologist who might support me with the argument that they are good for ur tounge and the rest of the mouth duh! Well just because some one said are you gonna give up on "milkshake" and drink "skimmed milk without suger", well i wont unless im ill.

NEVER WASTE FOOD ! THERE ARE MANY WHO JUST DREAM OF FOOD , if you can some time share your food with those dont have ,you dont really have to spend , just share a little from what you have that could make a lotta difference , just remember "there are people who starve for health but there are wo starve cus they have no choice"

take care! eat lots! also share a lot!


eknath said...

bad..really bad.
gaane likh. aisa ganda bakwas bund kar please.

ashini said...

i'm a big foodyyyyyyyy ...... so i would say tat tis piece was very apptizingggggggg.......

remojan said...

hehe ...kool :D ...

keep oyoyoying