Saturday, July 25, 2009

the chineese inermission

-->i know b4 ur buying something u look into the market if a chinese version is available, well nvm even i do it !! who hates to save cash !! well lemme tell u a wierd happening b'en me and a chineese.

-->well perhaps i was talking to a guy called "len" yup he is a chinese , he actually happens to be living in my steet and im the only guy who understands his english(im not sure if its really english but he understand when i reply back which ist extreamly weird cus a couple of girls actually belived when i told i know chinees :D)

-->he wanted to eat ice cream and he thought of the same in his mind IN CHINEESE and merely translated it into english and GUESS WHAT he said "where i get good ice"

-->i thought he needed ice to chill something , so i told him "i have ice in my fridge made of drinking water only if u want il get some "
he said "no no, i buy my ice"

-->i almost burst into laughter but controlled and told "no one like sells ice here but il try to get if possible"
now he was laffing and told "what here no ice so bad so bad"

-->now i couldent control no more i was almost faint laughing on the meanwhile "thank god" a quality walls guy passed by and his responses made me realised that he wanted an iceceam well after we ate an ice cream he told me "see i forign guy had to show u how to bye ice in your country"

-->i was ON IT laffin like fk on the road


Adhi said...

Man ... who is chinese guy ???

meswamy said...

a guy in steat

Ankur said...

lmao hahahahahah LMFAAAOOOO!