Wednesday, June 10, 2009

THE (mobile) RING !!

-->If u have a mobile phone and you know how to use it then you just happen a mobile addict, if u claim no then either ur lying or u dont know how to use the phone...well im a bit more than mobile addict i depend on it totally right from getting up with the alarm to night time songs before bed !!!

-->Now if you ask me if mobile phone is a "bane or a boon" I would say "I dont give a fuck"
i just got my fone, i like it, so i fking use it ! But one thing it dose definitely drain ur pockets. The thing about mobile is that since they are of course mobile in nature , we tent to use it more cuz of it eas ,and hence become addicted.

-->The hindi feature film "99" does a great projections on problems using a mobile phone they actually relate a man getting hit by a rod, by a goon was cus he was on phone , "damn !!" and they put the message very clean that if u keep fone near ur head ur brain stops keep it in ur shirt ur heart stops keep it in ur pants ur generation stops...oyoyoy

-->And I was just wondering if mms and mobiles were famous during the time of the movie "the ring" then the ring girl could have come from ur phone through mms , it be like this :----

-u watch an mms u got forwarded from ur friend , then u get an sms saying "in 7 days " ,

-from the very next morning u get messages like "good morning , have a nice day.... 6 days days left".....

-then through out the day u get gay stupid fked up forwards from ring girl about her past, then how she feels and emo shit............

-on the 4rd day u get 6 missed call , when u call back she says "sorry low balance 3 days left"

-on the 5th day no sms or calls or missed calls or nothing and u start thinking ur free

-on the 6th day you wake up to freak out to see your phone with "112 unread messages" all from the ring girl and the first message would be "hey i put a message booster"

-on the 7th day u keep getting the mms again and again and it keeps playing , WELL NOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS TAKE THE SIM OUT AND PUT IT IN A PHONE WHICH HAS NO MMS OR EVEN COLOUR AND BLOBK THE RING GIRLS NUMBER :D

-might be continued !!


Ashwini said...

haven't watched ring yet. could not make much sense of it myself :\

meswamy said...

read this just b4 watching ring u wont find it even a bit scary ul laff ur as tru da movie

remojan said...

omg!! kool 1 :D :D