Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour

Well we all know about the earth hour on 28 th march (if u dint know this ROCK ON SUCKER !) well this was actually to show that even people give a damn about global warming and climate changing and that something has to be done about it....

Some told me this shows how people are concerned , some claimed "at last public woke up" and ... well what i think is this is just anew level of show off like "gimme a break" one hour out of no where u stop light damn and make a big news and a bigger issue out of it is highly retarded and the oyoyoy forum dosent approve it..

well what could have been better is scitch of ur ac's and fridges for 30 minutes or atlead 15 minutes , now that wouldent have made a big news at papers but definitely a big cut on what really required.

*to be continued(mom was shouting at me for studying for 2moro's exam)*

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