Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy pongirl !

happy pongirl to all !

well i wud jus like to talk about some pongirl do's and dont's and what i did this pongirl.

-->the first day of pongal ie boghi(the day when old things are burnt) i was in college yep no holiday. and of burning i jus burned a movie disk in the morning in nero.
After college i was going to a movie(my biggest mistake) so i gave my bag to another guy in my bus since i wont need no books ,i asked him to bring it after my vacation get over to college on reopeaning.the movie was a tamil feature film called "villu"(vijay movie) and villu means bow , as in "bow and arrow" ,and in the first 10 min i realised it was remake of hindi movie "soilder".
It was shit just piece of shit , its was so gay i was like wtf i saw this movie, ppl burn old things on boghi i burned 110 rs and for this crap i waited in formal dress for 2 n half hours w/o eating and added to this one guy carried my bag home....
but the heroine nayanthara was fkin hoooooooooot....damn its was like she is the villu of the movie

DAMN!! and i woke up today saw tv that guys face in a tv hell i was pissed off!!

ok now screw it!! and lets go ahead with the festive season of pongirl !

pongirl as we know is of two types ven pongirl(spice/salty one) chakara pongirl(the sweeet one) and one more this pongirl is a harvest festival(not cows birthday thats what many ppl think)....

now do's:
--> eat lotsa pongal- if u bored with convention create varity like chinees pongal, ven pongal with ketchup, chakara pongal mixed with milk,garam masala pongal, suger pongal
--> roam as much as u can- cuz for a long time not much vacation is coming(except for 26th jan) 2/3 months of full work so get the hell out and hang out/over.
--> visit temple- chicks would be out there on their bests apparels, i bet waiting in line would be worth it !
--> watch some nice tv channels - ive seen some good show queued up
--> wash your hair- i donno why

--> dont watch villu - we can watch it later in march when the movie comes in sun tv.even if u watch dont pay is tocket is more that 20 rs.
--> dont eat potato chips with pongal -if u do so dont come near me the next day ! plz like a request.
--> dont overeat sugercane..

pongirl all day !! have funnnnnnn


Srik said...

Villu means "bow" not arrow

meswamy said...

haha edited