Monday, August 4, 2008

hyderabad HOT @ 23°c

-->I was in hyderabad for the last 5 day, prety good city . After a real long time got to see autos-rickshaws with meters[and they use it too] and after a real real long time i got to see chicks on bikes[cob's] an oyoyoy for them.

-->NOW lemme get back to the topic hot at 23°c , well its the hyderabadies that are hot and to be more specific the hyderababies o_O. They are bold and few of them are strong too , ahem ahem !! HELLO stop dreaming what i meant is BEWARE.

-->THE people blame IT for the price raise[which happens to affect only the beer rates ,lingerie and pub taxes].Well they forgetting the fact that without IT(or it) they wont have any cob's.

-->THE twin city hydera/secundrabad is connected by a place called begumpet,well the first day news paper freaked me out it read "call from uae claim bomb in hyderabad and doubted area list had begumpet".I couldent een swallow any think in the morning but well for lunch i had a full plate noodles and some rice with manchurian and ..;........well never mind.

-->THIS IS IMPO:::: There is a big budha statue in middle of a lake , guys DONT MESS WITH HIM , we went there , took lotta photos posing with him, while comming back it was raining and we were joking that budha is all alone and getting wet in rail.Well but he gave the yaaaaaaaaaay back{in hindi "vaat lagadi"} {in tamil "vechar paare aaapu "}.........we were struck in the rain for 4 hours then forced our self to come out get wet as soon as we were drenched the fukin rain stopped and we got autos[this time no meter we paid extra money] and got home....phew remember "never mess wiht peacefull guys they can wack ur asses".

-->WHILE returning back from hyderabad an unfortunate and unexpected event happened i got locked in the train toilet (now dont ask HOW i cant explain)THANK oyoyoy i had mobile in a pocket and i was in a signal area.

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