Tuesday, January 1, 2008

i kicked in a freestyle

i kicked in a freestyle and i dont know why
may be its my college , a bitch i cant deny
it makes me pissed off and its seeking sorrow
you know why, cuz its reopeaning 2moro
im rolling, where the gods gone when i need
why is there no clouds and no cyclones indeed
what mistake did i do i neva had greed
i dint smoke, i dint drink, n ive neva seen weeds

god :
yo... yeah...

u just a punk and not the treasure in ma trunk
who gives a damn you never got drunk
look at your score book you neva flunk
and look at your freestyle, its, all, junk(angles start laughing)
thank DESTINY, you werent a monk
else i'dd had to cut 60 yrs with a phunk
watcha gonna do staying homelike a chunk
go out do some shit cuz the world aint free
i dissed you so set me up a robust hunk
to hit me
if ya can do no shit then,man just bunk
its so eazy

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