Sunday, January 6, 2008

ASStrology and preDICKtions

-->Well now a days people are too much about with this whole crap about asstrology.They actually belive an uneducated asstrologer can change their life and bring foutune.People think paying them will hepl change their stars.They visit every jerk in the city who claims he can predickt your life.

-->I think i should quit ma education and get a asstrology dictionary and get used to some vocab and become one of em.. un imaginable salary and not to mention of the status among people, where ever you go, they run behing you like

FOR BUSINESS MEN:to know where to add an alphabet in the name ,where to keep your canteen ,where to keep your water bottles while meeting etc

FOR HOME: where to place your taps in bathroom, where to keep your geust's footwear, lucky shower-cap colour etc.

FOR STUDENTS:what are the lucky page no. to be studied for good marks ,mantras for different subjects , special mantras for unit tests,quaterly,half yearly and annual and maha mantra for board exam

FOR TEACHERS:which roll no to which student ,where to sit in staffroom,counter student mantras

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C R D said...

haha. yep, these fakes are ruling the world. and our destiny too [:P]

we always criticise them, but i must admit, i somehow get tempted to chk out whats written [:P]