Monday, December 24, 2007

screw tension

-->when you have tension your blood preasure increases and may be fatal.
so screw tension at it BASE(haha lmao)

-->to kill tension watch some comedy , or to murder it, call up some one and diss him or do a prank

-->if your are a student you need a good sleep, use your books, or try to cook(really helps)

-->if your are working, music helps.people say soft or clasical music helps .NO WAY turn od hard rock,heavr metal or some hard core hip-hop music and chill out i mean freeze out

--> well the simplest wat to do it will be taking out huge amout of air outta your lungs in fast go's either by shouting "woooshaa!" or by inhaling and exhaling twice at continously(in in, out out)

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