Sunday, December 30, 2007

Forks evolved from spoons

-->yep,long back in eastern europe, which at that time was more devoloped than west.
there was an illtempered merchant.
once partially cooked mulll's meat.(mulll's was the slang for some animal now extint)
it was a bit hard and he kept on pinching his spoon into a chunk of meat but he failed constantly
and there he got angry and threw his spoon down.
those days spoon was made of stone,so it broke in the top forming a "V" shape.
then he tried again it easily clung,this slowly got modified to what you today call fork

--> there is another story , the antient chinees used wodden spoons(introduced by forign traders)
the made spoons outta wood.
for eating noodles the used two spoons.(or it slips away)
they hold food between two spoons.
but one day a small boy had only one spoon so he tried to lift noodles but it fell down
so he tried to put the spoon in spinned it so that the noodles roll on to it.
later he learned it the spoon had slits then it wud be easy
and slowly he invented the fork,

-->mean while people realised that if they are using two spoons then the top portion wasent required and hence chopsticks were invented

--> but the chopsticks became more famous than the fork because the chinees thaught 2 was better than 1"


Alagappan said...

2 is better than 1....!!!! lolz.... :-)

Aditya Jayant said...

Hehe beautifully written.. 2 is definitely better than 1 .. LOL