Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is this homeless man doing in this Water Fountain ?? :O :O

This photograph of the homeless man was going viral in Facebook. First I was wondering what was this guy doing in the water fountain(outside a Hotel in Anna Salai, Chennai). Then I took a closer zoomed-in look and it froze my heart for a sec.

It was mid day on amidst the hot Chennai summer, where all the water you can find to drink is price tagged. This man was filling water from the fountain wall for himself to drink. Whats we all cherish as a beautiful scene of display, is another mans basic survival need.

Did the hotel put the water fountain out for this purpose? We don't know may be yes, Europe is full
of public fountains for the very same reasons.

Was there no free govt aided drinking water near by? We don't know !

Well is there a way to if not provide shelter and food to all, at least provide drinking water easily. If not everywhere but at least in the heart of City.

Sources claim this pic is from the "Bangalore Bus Lost Wallet" case fame Praveen Inbarajan.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

BackPack Trip #1 : Thiruvanamalai, Senji, Pondy & Hogenekal


The plan was a group of four in my car and follow this trail(as in map) to the falls. Start on a Sat morning 3'ish drive to Alamparai fort before the sunrise, then hold there till its 7'ish. Then to Senji for a  climb, up the hills then go to the Thiruvanamalai, at last Dharmapuri and crash for the night. Then the next day Hogenakal whole day and back home.First we picked 16-17th Weekend, but we found it was Karthikai Maha Deebam on 17th so we postponed it to 23rd-34th weekend. It was all set until Friday when half the crew abandoned. First guy dropped off claiming his boss wold allow a leave, the other got cought driving drunk so had to appear in court the next day, and one more just got sick in a matter of 3 minutes. Now to find a replacement Replace meant 2 guys ready with some cash, bag packed to stay away for 2 days in 6 hrs notice. We still called people. But then we had to CANCEL the plan !

The Leg Shake

So it was just me and Subburam. So I rang him up "Dude I have a crazy idea, just pack your bags quick, come to my house, we'll leave like we planned". After multiple calls and convincing he came and the trip was on. "We use Public Transport". Now we both sitting in front of my computer screen staring at the map of Tamilnadu totally confused, it was like we were planning to run away. There was a deep hesitation deep in my heart about leaving "Legs shaking" I said, But then boom, I locked the door and the key was with grandmother who was way asleep so at midnight the last bridge was burnt and Subbu was already on the bike. My legs still shaking as I walk out, A First timer experience,  and my voice pitch out of excitement was high as fuck and I was literately looking around for any my self hopelessly clueless. 

So when we started moving to the CMBT Bustand It felt like everybody was staring at us as we drove The people,The stray Dogs, The Closed shops even The Moon.  Parked the bike in the new basement parking in CMBT, walked to the rightmost end of the bus stand, there it was standing a bus to Thiruvanamalai it was around 1am. So this is where we dicided we cut off the internet from our phones ie. no social media, no messaging no giving fks about anything. Just explore the local area.


So we just got out of house, boarded a bus and we have no clue what we were doing for the next 48 hrs. Madness. I was blabbering like a drunk man. Sleepy but the head wont let you. The Head is excited. "Then once you settle down on the thought that the journey has begun, the travel consumes you: I dozed off. Suddenly a thudding sound I woke up.Around 3am it was Thindivanam People shouting loud sounds but it passed and I was back to sleep but only that I noticed that it was getting fking cold due to dew and the bus was riding bloody fast and the windows wont fkin close.  It was chill, my bare folded legs in the bus freeze and the bus took a shrap turn and a final halt which woke me up.
"Thiruvanmalai" shouted the bus guy.This was An Awakening from the sleep, from the fact that randoms trips can be fun, from the fact that travel is what I love more than resting and  most of all the fact that Thiruvanamalai is Mystic. Magic. It was like I went there because someone called me there.We rented one of those bathrooms in front of the temple 15 bucks per head, decent room, med-chill water for a quick shower, actually the shower dint work, so perhaps a quick bucket.. Left our bags in some locker shop. Went is took the Special line for 20 Rs per head. The whole darsanam got over in an hour. Generally takes two at least. Then since it was still dark, we could see the Thiruvana Malai Jothi which was still burning up the hill. On the way out they were selling Puliodarai and Sakara pongal in temple. Perfect Breakfast. Then without no further delay. We board a bus back to Senji.

To the Top

Senji Fort comes like a kilometer before the Senji town(from Thiruvanamalai), we dint know that. But to our luck someone was getting down near the fort, they stopped the bus we saw the fort and grabbed our bags and jumped down. Here we changed out jean and got into shorts and a comfy shirts. Then we took the tickets to the small hill (for we knew to climb the big one was not really our cup of coffee at least not in this trip) So we start climbing to realize it was no joke to do so, but even after lets say a 50 steps we found a neat place to view and it was a scenic beauty. 
There we met a Norway guy Called Arne, He was climbing faster than us. He was old, very old. So we now had to keep up. So when we get tired we picked a nice spot and starte taking pics to make it look like we were not tired but then you know taking pics. After exploring around the top fort temple etc etc there is this point where you can clim onto its roof. So we reached a mid point over the roof  from where the view was even more beautiful. Then we got to the top of the fort from where I took off my shorts n shirt, got foot-lose sitting on the the roof of the fort temple. Arne also got up to see if it was worth being there.
Thats where he opened up saying we are to damn lazy for our age,
and we exclaimed  a yes and surrendered to his will power at that age,  that when we are 60 + we want to be like him. Wandering ! Then a bunch of wild kids came running in, a school trip perhaps. They kept bugging Arne to take pics in his cam. Then a bunch of Russians came in (we could tell that cus way back we saw a Russian Embassy car). The crowd was enough to break the peace. So we left. We had so much POTENTIAL climbing down was easy :P

Beach Blues

After we climbed down re hydrated our self. Re hydrated again. Then took a quick bus to Senji town, from what we saw, Senji town was just a crossroads of two highway thats all. We were the two strange guys dressed up in shorts with backpack, clicking stuff with cams. People staring at like we were some Travel guy from Nat Geo and might take a camera out any sec and put them on TV.Bliss. So we reshed to take a bus to Pondyyyy. From Pondy bus stand we planned to drop off our bags in Station before we roam. The Station. "Oh the station" said the auto guy and said "That would charge extra" so we went to the station to throw our bags in the Cloak Room. "These bags are not locked" said the Cloak room in-charge so we had to get small locks so while roaming around station we saw the mens waiting room, I went in to take a leak, There was a big bathroom inside all clear and a nice shower. We were paying the auto guy extra anyways. So let him wait. We took a shower. freshened up before lunch. Then we rented a gear less bike. drove to Le Club(Really excursive nice ass place) grabbed a quick eat n a drink. Then off to explore the beach. We had a plan to goto Auroville and Paradise beach. But then first we went to Auro Beach, walked in a bit to find a decent place to sit and stare at the beach. The clouds were divine dancing with each other and the waves then compliment. It was sobeautiful we stayed theretill it got dark and had only 2 hours for our Train trip to Dharmapuri. Then a quick dinner and an ice cream and slept in train. The train takes a long path to reach our destination but on the brighter side we sleep in the train and no wasting time or money in lodging ;)

To the Falls

It was too dark, too early and too cold when we got down.The falls was an hours journey from the Station. So we took a power nap in the platform. Then took an auto to the bus stand from where we took off to Hoganekkal, the real reason why this idea of trip even came into cognition. Smokey Rocks. As soon as youget down  like any other tourist place you are flooded by people offering you hotel rooms, Massage, Boat ride. Even early mornings. So we settled down on one man who would take us on a boat ride then massage then go into the falls. So we go near the boating place that the big game. The massage guy and the boat guys are different The boat guys are one govt. approved Labor association. Commies. Bloody Commies. So they decide rates on spot and give off. They said for us one boat to carry you and massage guy wait there till the Massage and bath os over and coming back would be 1500 INR irrespective of how many of us, 2 3 4 5 6 same rate. We dint wanna argue or debate we were too high on happyness so we took off. The first mail Falls was massive huge, remarkable sight. Then further he would take you closer to the fall to have a better view of the the huge falls.He would then do down stream river between two hills and plenty number of small falls falling from the hills, so you pick one spot and have you own private falls for starters ;), Then he takes you to a place the main rocky hill from where a dis-tributary flows, we picked a nice rock near which was another rough yet shallow water fall. KKR Herbal Oil. The massage was bloody relaxing it was like my whole nervous system restarted. Then we soaked in that oil for some time and dived in. Then washed off. There were many places where they sell fresh fish fry. So for fish lovers its a Yes. Do try it, I guess it must be Sweet water fish mostly. Then the a small walk you reach another masive view of falls that falls under the Karnata State side. This time I was so footloose I was too lazy to put on a shirt to pose for a pic ;) The the boat brought us back. And I tipped the boat guy, because even before gettin on boat the guy had asked for it. Asked. 

Calm. Mind. Composed. Body. In the Hoganekal bus stand itself there was a public toilet/Bath we took a shower there. I was surpriced by its neatness and the number of neat clean mirros they had. It was too good for a Tamil Nadu Govt. Run public toilet. We even took pics there.

 The Return

It was 2pm when we left Hogenekkal, we planned to lunch in Dharmapuri as we were tired and wanted to catch some sleep in the bus before lunch. On reaching we found out a nice restaurant dined our first nutritious meal of the trip. The direct bus to chennai would have taken us 3 more hoursso we took the next very bus to Krishnigiri. The paniarams in Krishna giri are bloody awesome. From there to Velore. While drinking some milk in Velore. Luck scratched our back with a point to point AC bus to Chennai. 48 hours. Bliss.  

9 Busses, 3 Auto Rickshaw, 2 Bikes, 1 Train and a heck of a Boat ride

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Loosing Demons

I been loosing demons,
Between the paths of man and lord,
Between despise and love,
Between the time and space.

Are they running away from me,
Or is it me who's staying behind,
Are they  being stolen from me,
Or Am I eroded eternally.

I shall stand, for my hold,
I will hold, on my thought,
Hunt is on and demons be, will caught,
He who lost his demons, lost his all.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Goa Road Trip: One Ford Ikon and Four Days

Well there was no doubt as to what is the best way I could spend a long weekend of 4 days  in India. Goa. Having set the budget right, a car ready serviced, 15hrs drive across B'lore to Goa from Chennai was the only thing I thought of at least for the week before the trip.

"It was not about the destination, neither was it about the journey, I was more like can I make it or not, I needed no better reason as there was only one way to find it out."

The night before the trip I had rushed out of my house because I had realized that I dint have any stickers on my car, important indeed, hence stuck a "Why so serious?" with splash of joker on it. Well the next day bags packed, set to office waiting for 7 to come. 7 is when we leave. 9 was when we left. Nightlong drive pretty much lame. With the dawn the drive became what we were looking for, wind, mountains, green things that you dont see in cities and yeah empty roads, 6 lanes. Lunch was when we breath the air of Goa. South Goa Palolem was the first stop apart form the tolls and some really funny cops on border who charge 50 bucks per vehicle no matter what. So we reach Calangaut and get a shady shack well some place I stayed when i went 4 yrs back. Night was just free random roaming Titos lane and lotta sleep. Day started early with beach walks not the some one gave fks about but beach was right out of the shack and a two wheeler waiting for us to ride.

"It was all going good because we followed the plan, but the best part was we had no plan" 

Breakfast was mere customary in nature, the morning was already written for Agoda fort, so we took more photos than views we grasped and scenes we sighed.Then excitement toiled us and lured us that Saturday noon to driving all the way to Arambol Beach. A ride worth remembering before you sleep any given day, that beautiful. So we saw a localite with two school girls uniformed in back of his bike, must be returning from school. Later we saw a Causasian women driving by with her son in front in a bike, probably on vacation. So we took no turns, no deviations kept moving it was at least 5 minutes later when the guy with me in the bike pointing out to the bike in front said "Whats with the bikes in goa with one guy and 2 uniformed girls in back", me staring at him as he passed by wondering if he was the same guy I saw some
time back. I had that shit confirmed when I saw the Causasian mother crossing us again. Thats when I got the bike stopped and jumped out like WTF just happened. Since we all were sober what happened was paranormal or may be there was a change in the matrix. There was only one way I could keep my calm now, stop looking at the people or passerby. Arambol was a beauty, so was the sweet water  lake near by and so was the view from the small hillock far away people watch but never climb. But the climb was trippy. And the climb was trippy. But the view, I tell you is worth remembering every time you wake up. The rest of the evening was not worth being mentioned it was pretty much accounting and checking where we stood. Then the Night was on Curlies.

"Curlies is the best place for parties on a Monsoon Goa. I'd call it best for it was the only one reserving the definition of  a party for a Goa's Saturday night"

The next was a calm Sunday, so we had to goto Chapra fort. This time even more photos clicked. So we planned to walk by the hill past the fort which flows down into the sea. A great place to retreat but not in a hot sun when you haven't even drunk a drop of water since morning but had 2 coffees. Click! Well now that we had seen the Vagator bech from a very beautiful view point. We knew thats where we would jump into before lunch. Yea that happened. But lunch? Well there was a vadapaw shop which also sold pakodas and tea. The water they had was cold. Well why wait till be drive to the city for lunch.

"When you back to the room you could do something important like, leave again"

The night was more of, in the room packing stuff, for we had to leave the next day early morning. Morning 6 we push filling the car with the cheap Goa petrol. Breakfast as soon as we drove past goa borders. Well often when trips like this end its hysterically heart breaking but then we were more worried about reaching to some legendary restaurant near Ambur called "Star Briyani" before it closed. Then eventually got back home. Home was not where I head to, but home is where we all come back. The most important thing one should note, one who was part of the trip specially, myself doubtlessly that,

"There are times when you dont know what you want to do, There are times when you dont want to know what you want to do and There are times when you have nothing to do. Its important to know the difference of the three situations but to act in all the same way. Drive though time."

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look what I found an old poem of mine "Engineering Paradise"

YEAR 1: 
Been through the skies 
his dreams in his eyes 
they scream for heights 
but he would compromise 
once and for all 
 and then twice and then thrice 
and they call 
this the engineer's paradise. 

 YEAR 2: 
What he's seen on the lines 
on the books of a size 
he could barely rejoice 
all the dust and the noise 
for a thousand falls 
and a hopeless rise 
and they call 
this the engineer's paradise. 

 YEAR 3: 
Slowly he likes
through the time that he rides 
cus this time he is used to the waves and the tides
but despite 
he is still with an upright wall 
and they call
this the engineer's paradise. 

 YEAR 4: 
At last he decides 
what he thinks provides 
him the chance to glide 
to his dreams full of skies 
but this hall 
of fame is a REALITY BITE
 and they call 
this the engineer's paradise.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Will half of Andhra Mess rename to "Telengana Mess" ??

Intro and Built Up
1000 suicides(theoretically yes, but mostly murdered), 100s of school/collage days ruined, lots of people fasting, lots beaten by cops and paramilitary. Dint pull much of India attention who were rejoicing Sunny wearing dress and Ponaam getting rid of it, but yes they did pulled some right strings in the center and now here we have the binary fission of Andhra Pradesh into two daughter states Telengana and Andhra Pradesh(Jr). Not we are still left with the big doubt.

The Big Doubt
Will half of Andhra Mess rename to "Telengana Mess" ?? Well this definitely is not a literal question. The point here being:

Will this bring about difference in culture?
Will this create a distance between the Telugu Speakers?
Will there be a fight for resources and  power ?
Will the people try to un-belong the current oneness to a new state of self representation?

In simpler words is this partition going to be good or is it going to suck out ?

The Binary Fission of States
This is not the first splitting of state and thank to the UPA and her puppets this will trigger a chain reaction and every state will want to split, who knows even Union territories might want to split.

Well the purpose stated on papers was that funds are not allocated to Telengana region. What does that even mean, Do they have weak leaders or do they dont have enough resources govt wanted to encap OR IS IT THAT SOME ONE THOUGHT THAT AP NEVER HAD A CM FROM THEIR VILLAGE/TOWN SO THEY WANTED A NEW STATE AND HAVE THEIR OWN CMs.

Splitting up of state would be acceptable is it were due to resource allocation or lack of Administration due to excess of  size or what ever, but bullshit is bullshit and this is India.

Purpose solved ? 
We have seen states splitting up with agenda and purpose before but were the purpose solved, oh wait were their even any real purpose ? Well does this split really have a purpose ?To this UPA would be like "YES Purpose solved, Phase one complete". But then the question remains unanswered.

Now that we have Two States, I just hope that it doesnt suck bad like the book.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summing up life Until now

I have been through many phases in my life
in different cities and to best explain them
I could sum them up in to three points to
the best of my memory of things I did or that
I liked or things that influenced me,

They go like this:

First School and Before that (Mumbai):
- Roaming and wondering aimlessly
- Lotta Bombay/Mumbai swear/cus words
- Bollywood music

Middle School Life Pt. 1 (Kolkatta):
- Food, Sweets, Food, Sweets and more Food.
- Arts ( Painting, Music, Creative Writing)
- Ultadanga colony( Durga puja, Friends group, community meets)

Middle School Life Pt. 2 (Patna):
- Understanding the real meaning of diversity
- Learned the importance of breaking rules
- Importance of Indian history, Archaeology the real PATLIPUTHRA

High School(Chennai):
- Hate towards formal education, look for something beyond it, the importance of being well read and well in formed
- The real love for Programming begins, "The GEEK Code begins"
- Learned the truths behind society and stopped giving fucks forever

- Music, Wattabottles, events , shows, recordings studios and some bloody weight loss for that !
- Free and open source software, the movement, the conferences and the million dollar legal class bunks
- First every worried/paranoid about the future and hence a lotta bad hasty decisions

Post Graduation(Outskirts of Chennai):
- Learned the Disadvantages and the awesome awesome Advantages of living alone.
- Started to realize making hasty decision suck real hard, and to never never never take opinions. Its always better to make our own mistakes.
- Importance putting knowledge into action and how just thinking and noting ideas never help anybody.

Job Pt. 1 (Chennai):
- Click Click Click, Hog Hog Hog, Click Click Click, Hog Hog Hog Damn im fking fat again.
- Wonder dafuq am i doing in this city for such a long time ????????????
- That one random hot chick in a far away table in canteen, dosent matter who :P :P :P

Monday, April 8, 2013

Life reloaded

Not that I care, neither do you but then "I;ve been fine", hope the same for you. Well its been a long time I wrote a blog so expect more spelling and grammar errors. Well now that a mangosum summer has begin and still TNEB cuts powers two hours a day, I have enough reason to act crazy and blame it on the heat :P OH wait what the hell I have a job now, the stupid society would suddenly expect me to act sane like "Dude you got a job man, you cant goto your terrace just wearing a boxers" // D'oh// Well now that I have been associated well enough with two different industries par se a lil bit in Indian IT and a lil bit in Music industry, I otice that few terms have totally different meaning in the two industry :


In Music: It means electronically  arranging, sequencing, producing the sound/music/instruments outputs and processing them into complete into complete instrumentals. Its a process of converting a composition into compleate track by fitting in the right tones of instruments samples and effects too some times.

In IT : As plain as it sounds writing codes, some times form our own some times from google, rarely when google is stuck, from bing/yahoo or from older codes. The most important thing is to make sure you get the output when tested.


In music: Its about the voice and tone continuum, the better you got breath control the more bang bang you go. Also your delivery help you do better in concerts unless your carrying the track backstage played and you just lip syncing like most musicians :P :P

In IT: Im not saying this just to make it look bad, but I have asked many people form many different IT companies across all carders of positions and I still have'nt understand what it means. Lets say it has somehing to do with "Technical Aspect",  " The getting the software ready" , "The core work", or lets call it "The development of app/services" but I bet there is no one to explain it simple to you  !


In music: Engineer is a guy who literally fixes everything, he takes a singer voice and does the magic and makes it godly. He can even make actors who can barely deliver a simple dialogue sing like a freaking pro with all the latest software. And unlike what a hacker/geek thinks Mac is not a toy, its actually the temple for any sound engineer.

In IT: Well in IT engineer is a guy/gurl who spent four years in a college just because the HR/ HR policies think that makes him/her super qualified to work in technology/project randomly allotted. But then HELL YEAH IM PROUD OF MY ENGINEERING !!   


Monday, July 30, 2012

WTF Marriage !

MY dear regular blog readers dont take me wrong I never had an intention to write a blog post on marriages, but then I got this mail from indiblogger forum  that there is a competition on blog post entries where  3 winning posts get Kindle Fires and lots more goodies to win as prize for the title Love marriage or arrange marriage? Honestly speaking marriages are social menace, the second stupidest thing man ever invented after GOD of course BUT then here it goes

And since its 32 years past 1980 so I wanted my blog post to not look like an arts college freshman year debate from 1980 and so I added some real recent happenings !!

Arranged Marriage :
  • Well all your life you are taught not to speak to a stranger and suddenly  your asked to sleep with one and live rest of your life. [If your still considering I was complaining by the previous line, you can stop reading you are too old for this go read news paper]. Well but sad truth is no trials here, and of course no replacement or returns (but now slowing things are getting better).
  • The best part of arranged marriage/date is that if you are bad in picking the right person let some one else do it just be good at getting picked :D 
  • If the right person is picked its not so different from a Love marriage, except the marriage part comes before the LOVE part !!  
  • The added BINGO in this type of marriages is you can blame your family for anything and everything, and it could be awesome !!!!!

Love marriage : 
  • The argument that  "In Love marriage you live with some one you know well " hold very true but this aint not so far from living and sleeping with a stranger any ways. The point is some times, and only some times there is a good understanding between "the boy and the girl" or "the boy and the boy" or "the girl and the girl" which makes the partnership better.
  • But some times people are lost in infatuation and lust, i mean why did i even type sometimes, most of time people are lost in a fantasy world either due to 
    1. Social Status[having a gf/bf has become a privileged]  
    2. Mental Status[thanks to Indian movies] 
    3. Wrong idea about relationships[thanks to americans movies] and they forget that personality match is the most important thing in a long marriage and not SIZES/SALARY/FAVORITE TV CHANNEL.
  • Well here you get to Hit and Trial, Trial and Replace, do personality fit and find the right person, but rarely people do that they only try and fail !
  • Well like most popular cases here FAMILY get to blame you for anything and everything, seriously anything and everything. 

Well be it arranged or love ALL MARRIAGES END IN THE SAME MESS now a days, so the point is to decide whether to marry at all [ which is just a stupid ceremony where we spend money for society and feed unknown people with lots of food] or just stay together in a happy relationship [ raise both your middle fingers realy high, if people think its wrong ]

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gauhati Happenings

WOW so again some men molested a girl and YOU  might have seen it on youtube as well, Shouting kill these bastards, but you dint stop the video you let it play, waiting to know when it will zoom next or where does it end.

 No Im not that worried about "20 men MOLESTING a GIRL on streets", its been happening for last few decades.

- Im worried about 16 yr old girl going to pubs.
- Im worried about her family supporting that idea.
- Im worried about how mass media encourages and also spreading obscene footage.
- Im worried about the camera man who was zooming on the hands when his main argument to plead guilty was he wanted to capture the face.
- Im worried people pervertly spreading the video making it viral and how people go searching "Guwathi molestation non censored video" on Google.
- Im worried about the group of people who are eagerly waiting on youtube for the next such incident to happen.
- Im worried about how the NGO want the culprit to be caught but not giving a DAMN to clean the system.
- Im worried about how lightly the politicians take such things, like they already knew it was going to happen.
- AND Im worried about them politicians who would have actually purchased a copy of the same for their next Assembly.

Well I chose to be the change I want to see, I ignore what the news says, what the CM says, what the PUB owners say, what the accused says or what the youtube comments say,
I choose to stay away from video, I CONDEMN IT BY not watching it !
I choose to not blame any one, if any one is to be blamed we all are to be blamed thats why its called a system !!