Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is this homeless man doing in this Water Fountain ?? :O :O

This photograph of the homeless man was going viral in Facebook. First I was wondering what was this guy doing in the water fountain(outside a Hotel in Anna Salai, Chennai). Then I took a closer zoomed-in look and it froze my heart for a sec.

It was mid day on amidst the hot Chennai summer, where all the water you can find to drink is price tagged. This man was filling water from the fountain wall for himself to drink. Whats we all cherish as a beautiful scene of display, is another mans basic survival need.

Did the hotel put the water fountain out for this purpose? We don't know may be yes, Europe is full
of public fountains for the very same reasons.

Was there no free govt aided drinking water near by? We don't know !

Well is there a way to if not provide shelter and food to all, at least provide drinking water easily. If not everywhere but at least in the heart of City.

Sources claim this pic is from the "Bangalore Bus Lost Wallet" case fame Praveen Inbarajan.

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