Thursday, May 31, 2012

Le me in Le Europe !

I went on a Europe trip(with Family) just got back, to realized I had UNLOCKED 5 ACHIEVEMENTS

1) Went to Austria and dint smoke.

2) Went to Germany and dint drink beer.

3) Went to Italy and ate punjabi food.

4) Went to Paris, dint even sniff wine.

5) Stayed a week in Europe SOBER.

Well it was a fabulous 9 nights-8 days trip for only INR 99,500 (Yup it was a steal for such a low price, I really recommend them and have given the contacts of travel company at the end  ), well a very good amount of credit goes to our Guide Monti Grewal [If you had done great International tours, there is a good chance you could have met him] and the coach driver Bobby [Seriously he should be on extreme driver shows they put in AXN, he would rock the show]. Well the tour began like this

Landed in Europe, for the first time, pretty much evening, got into our coach, Silence....Monologue of guide...silence.....monologue of guide....suddenly I was like DID YOU SAY OCTOBER FEST ???.......KOOL....silence again, got into an awesome country side hotel near Innsbruck, Austria.
How did Munich react to us: They dint! They were busy with local football match.

It was an ancient Gothic(Real Gothic NOT EMO) city, looked like if it were just out of the books of Dracula and Dragon tales. Here people still drive on horse back and some really awesome looking carriages. "Happy people" Well they smoke all day and get good beer and good cheese, why wont they be happy. Well this is the most tolerant country in europe.
How did Innsbruck react to us: Tourists.....hmmmm... Waiter get me more cheese, beer and a lighter.

Boarded the coach in the morning after some delicious Bread and cheese session and started for .Veneziaaaa. The moment we drove into the Italian borders, I knew we were in a much familiar place. Dirty roads, people spitting anywhere, bribe~able cops and MAMA MIA no queues for purchasing tickets for the ferry to Venice. Venice has the most interesting architecture  man ever made. and people have BOATS for a car. And of course the world famous Gondolas, which could be romantic, lovely etc etc but with 100 people always staring you and clicking your pics admits the city. NAH not for me!! And there are these illegal...what what do I call them African-Italians who try to sell fake Guchi and Gabana bags, sun glasses and belts...When they see an Indian Lady they shout "Hema Malini" and Indian men "Amitab Bachan buy bags or Dharmendra buy bags"  XD XD.
How did Venice react to us: Mamma Mia! Welcome to Veniciaa drink as much as you can! TOILETS: 2 eruo per person.

We touched MILAN in the morning a DRAMATIC city, then headed towards Zurich. The most scenic drive in my whole life[till now] Switzerland was just like they show it in TV..... "AMA-fkin-ZING". The monuments, the city squares, the big banks thats is holding money stolen from us, banks holder money made from cheating the USA in derivative scams, the inside trading legends, the black monet protecting gods and goddesses, everything is RIGHT HERE.
How did Zurich react to us: OH NO! More Tourist....they are stealing our Swiss oxygen OH NO!

Well first Carriages in Austria, then Boats in Venice here people have personal winch for winch for a car, they live up a hill, use the winch/cable car to go up and down :O :O :O :O then Mount Titles my first encounter with real snow :') MIND THE BLOWN ! Then we hit Lucerne another extremely beautiful city full of in-tolerate people. Well the issue is in SWISS everyone is trained for the army. But well an army whose standard Issue knife has a Wine cock opener and a Nail filer LOL they better be a NEUTRAL COUNTRY !
How did Mt Titlis react to us: Button click Winch goes up, Button click Winch goes down! 

I personally have no hard feeling against Luxembourg, those people are well of the city is well maintained and is also an important commerce capital etc etc BUT SERIOUSLY Its like a bunch of really drunk dukes got together and built a city. They went like this-----"Hey you take that hill, il take this", "Now lets fortify it and build passes", "Awww Passes are too long, Lets built many bridges", "Lets build wide roads", "hmm there is too much space in roads lets put a building in the middle"......Here people are so scarce, people come here either to deposit money in bank or to buy cheap petrol.
How did Luxembourg react to us: Look! more people, our population is increasing !! 

24 Paris(in night)
The city is really beautiful, well styled and the bright light just another beautiful with a shiny metal tower visible from everywhere. The Lauvre and the Notre dame standing out with pride and the 22 kg gold dome where Nepolean the Great rests in peace. Then in evening i got on to a cruse ride, and night :O :O :O :O magic happens, its like OMFG where am I the whole city so so well light up that you wont blink even a sec, the first thought that would come to your mind is "Im not leaving". Then the illumination of Eiffel tower, leaves you speechless, mind blown and damn shyt I dont know how to explain, you have to see it. I think it should be made a mandatory that one should visit PARIS at least once in his lifetime.
How did Paris react to us(in night): :-

25 Paris(in day)
The morning plan was to visit Eiffel and climb it LOL and see the Louvre. I was like balls im not waiting in line, so i went out in morning to meet my friends, meanwhile everyone left for the Lauvre. Now i was near the tower with my friend neither did i have money nor passport ;) But my friend toured me around :D :D and made sure I dont get lost :D :D
How did Paris react to us(in day): :-

Well Europe on a whole was a great place for a break, one should visit Europe over America or the oriental east for Europe has more than one can imagine(if one can imagine). I think one would need a week to see each country by itself. Well but then tours always end only when you can get back to your own homes and sleep in ur own bed room, and use ur own toilets...what a comfort !

Contact of the travel guy :

TEL: 0091 40 3072-2992, 2993-2994    


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