Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my name is swamy and i am not a guruphiliac

Well well well roumers spread all such fake gurus and saints are being attacked/targeted. So wanted to clearify the fact to you'll that swamy is just a component of my name hence i ended up with this post "my name is swamy and i am not a guruphiliac"

These gurus getting caught in sex,money or property scandals is not a new issue been uping for 20 yrs i guess.Still why the fuck do people trust these assholes.
Just because they wear saint attire you pray them, donete money, buy book,cds listen to speech etc etc. WEll why dont you assume the fact that he is a pornstar/cheat/fakeass and ignore him from the beginning and in this way
--> u wont get tensed when his video releases
--> u wont have the guilt of being misguided by an asshole
--> u wont have to waste petrol burning his office down
--> most of all there wont be any stupid spiritual channels and those frequencies can be used for something more creative.

Lets get more basic do we really need such gurus ! I guess no , we have rights to decide our own life styles, we should just take advise from these gurus "and not follow them !". Now sometime back me and my friend joined yoga class i had a little refreshment from it and i came out of it. But my friend does it everyday and wants to become hardcore in yoga, he always wanted to become a businessman BUT bad luck he was an obidient kid. The differenc is, in the yoga class i just took what i needed but he folowed everything told to him, if it were 500bc, he would have been awesome, but unfortunately its 2010 ad. Now in midst of this he ralised that the yoga master himself dossent follow the compleate yoga .Now that guy is F'ed in the A.

So my point is these saints may be good may be bad or may be good in being bad, well it all shouldent be a consern. If they have something to preach listen to it, if u find something apt for you use it you dont need to compleatly follow it.Apart from that never forget the fact they are still humna biengs.

I know may people by now would be thinking i am writting such blog for a publicity stunt and to get blog hits and traffic and attention. HELL yes ur right and nothign wrong in it everyone does that u cut ur hair in a good sallon to ook good for attention, u buy costly dres from designer seris for the same reason u buy jweels mobiles gadgets etc etc etc for the same reaon so what i am doing in justified dont mail me/or comment such issues because my name is swamy and i am not a guruphiliac.

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