Saturday, January 3, 2009

nothing is imposible ?? chain marketing

-->well i have often come across people going like they are the most inspiring people in the world, like
"u have the power !",
"you have potential !" ,
"just do it" ,
"yes u can do it !"
the FUCK, i dont even wanna do it , whats the point if i got potential.This shit comes across in those chain business where u need to get some people under u when u earn little after spending a lot , ur seniors earn a bit more after spending a lot more !!
now thats what you call gay !!!

-->i remember once a lady came to me in a bus stand and gave me one such add-paper i went for the meeting and told her name for referral, they led me to her..there she was standing in heavy green saree lotsa gold(just to show off and let others know that she is rich cuz of that organization)

thay said i have to pay 1000 bucks and i get a card and they give me some stupid things which i wud never need and i can sell it and get a negligible margin of profit ,then i need to get 20 more people to increase the profit and they need to get more and so on..
i told that lady on her face, this was crap i aint gonna waste 1000 bucks , she was calm and said u can be a millionaire , just get more people , i said thats stupid i bet not a single guy will come she said "you can do it!u look potential " i said " there you go mam , i dont even wanna do !"
she said "its astonishing to find young people not interested in money !!" i asked her flat i spend 1000 how much will i get back... she said for every enrollment i make i get 10 rs(ie to get my 1000 back il need 100 assholes to believe what i say and join) or i get to sell 200 products(5 profit each)and some more complicated plans... well then i left that day..i week later she called me again and told there is a special offer ....i need to give only 850 to join( thats still 85 assholes to be enrolled) i laughed my ass of at her during her second call , after i enquired about her , she has spend more than 50,000 in this and like earned RS.2078 which she said proudly (i have no idea why) i just told her "just explain the same to your husband, at least he wont let you waste no more in this "

she never called after that , i dint mind cus she was married and ugly anyways !!

-->the next encounter was from my not so close friend who was close to my close friend, he came to us with a chain marketing crap with education involved with him, he also brought a senior with him to convince us, this time the shit was 5k and we get online materials which we can study and we get a webspace too.
i remember the words "you not only get online materials for cheap and also webspace where you can built website and u can refer people and earn money too"
well online materials have been free ever since www was born and of course webspaces are meant for websites and i aint gonna pay 5k for 500 mb when i can get 2 gb for 600
.with the referral i asked him why should he get paid if i join this , he siad "thats the trick !" which he shouldn't have said and the senior freaked out "huh !"

me and my friend were laughing our asses of and told him "go tell your mom , that 5k plan was crap it dint work for my senior and it aint gonna work for me "

-->after all this i also found chain marketing idea could be used to do good like spreading messages or news or like for collecting funds and some shit useful for the nation and not just fooling losers around!!


Anonymous said...

To, the God of OYOYOY
From the King of CSE

ur Site looking great man...
hope to see more development in upcoming days

Ashwini said...

he siad "thats the trick !" which he shouldn't have said and the senior freaked out "huh !"

^nice, you owned them MLM freaks big time, i hate em sooooooo much


meswamy said...

tnx guys