Thursday, January 10, 2008

fight over a "pen"

-->i donno if pen is mightier than a sword ,any ways i dont give a damn,i got something better to talk about.WHAT CAN HAPPEN OVER a PEN? :-0

-->Yep, pens can cause havocs upto to extents(un~imaginable),i dont know what with a "ten rupees" pen people fight over it like its their life.Well, some even write their names in a small bit of paper and slid it into the pens tube, to ensure that he can prove its his pen. :-))

-->Yeah ill like to drop what happened in my college..ok i dont want to use the real names so let it be like A,B,C,D and ofcourse M.the situtain was something like A,M had the same type of pen(may be)..and A seems to have lost his pen..and was arguying over M's pen claiming it ho be his B,C,D sitting close listening to the whole crap ...unaware of the fact that M was now into dissing A(sarcastically)

M : If you lose your wife some day.. would you stop every couple on the road and say "HEY! thats my wife.." and then like "where did you find her.." after getting your ass kicked stop the next couple and say "thats my wife..."

A : IF YOU FIND SOMEONE'S WIFE dosent mean you can keep it...

M : you lost it,so repend for it... you dont stop every passer by and......

B,C unaware of the exact discussion bounced into the conversation goin on now

B : even i lost it in the morning...

C : ya i donno whats goin on now a days "i lost both of mine yesterday"

out of no where D dropped in and said

D : thats why i never bring any ....... i always borrow.....

well now lets get back hmm... a pen is really usefull

1) you can use it as a weapon , i really count on it (this point may not make sense to everyone..)

2) you can use it to clean your ears,well i prefer to use the refil alone.

3) since its insulater it can be user to click switches in risky switches boxes like the one in wet switch box or the switches in govt. buildings,colleges,etc.

4) yep! you can scratch your back,head.... and since you have a pen in your habd no one will even stare or look at you

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Anonymous said...

that was an anazin piece on the pen. ha ha rofl!!!! especially the wife thngy ;)

ha ha....... it remnded me of my school fays :)) ho ho